Cocktail Furniture Hire

Are you hosting a cocktail party?.

We have a wide range of cocktail furniture to help you host the best cocktail party. We specialise in hiring out exclusive cocktail tables and chairs that are unique and stylish. Our couches,Ottomans and coffee tables are ideal for prestigious events, weddings functions, product launches and exhibitions. We continuously update our range to accommodate modern trends and meet the changing needs of our customers. All our couches and Ottomans are as good as new and will definitely transform your event into a spectacle.

Items available for hire include:

  • White 80cm Round Top Cocktail Tables with Stretch Covers
  • White 60cm Round Top Cocktail Tables
  • White Leather Cocktail Chairs
  • Cream Carribean Umbrellas
  • White Low Cocktail Tables with Ice Bucket

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